Friday, 27 November 2009

Deadline - Week 4

Extra modeling
Luckily at this stage i had finished pretty much every thing I had started and so decided to make the interior look more like a garage then just an empty room but i also had to keep in mind that i needed to add lighting improve upon the interior I created some tool storage and tools. For the tool storage and found this fairly simple but with the tools it was a lot harder as I had to model at a high level because of the detail and shapes plus the tools were what would make the garage remotely lived in. I built and texture a spanner and screwdriver so that I was left with 2 days to light and render.

Lighting And Rendering
luckily with lighting I remembered some of what was briefly covered in the 1st year so that i could add some lighting put a hint of yellow in it and bring down the intensity to give my renders a moody dank kind of feel. I then started rendering still and a fly through of the interior, i also rendered out a shift of focus on the 2 tools in attempt to make my environment lived in. I then put these videos together in final cut pro  for submission along with some outside renders.

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