Friday, 27 November 2009

Texturing - Week 3

At this point I only had 2 more weeks left until the deadline and I still had to learn how to texture luckily I like to think I have some level of skill in Photoshop so I decided to create all my texture from scratch only using brushes that I had downloaded from the internet. This worked to my advantage as i could create each texture in a few hours the problem I had at this stage was Bump Mapping and I struggled finding a relevant tutorial. Luckily i am currently living with a past graduate of the animation course who gave me some advice but she also tried to take over  at which point I accidentally offended her by saying I want the work to be mine not hers although some of the advise she gave me helped me very much.

Below you can see one of my favorite Textures, Bump Maps and renders with bump maps applied

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