Friday, 27 November 2009

Modelling - Week 1

Practically when it came down to time spent doing Modeling, UV Mapping and Texturing I only had a week for each area and then a week at the end for finishing and Rendering.

At first with the modeling I struggled to make the model Hi-Res because I gained the shape or form I wanted with a Low-Res model the was mainly visible the the outside models as them first. Where as when started modeling the inside I was a bit more confident so I started experimenting with the models more and ended up with a better looking mesh inside. All that was i this mesh though was the basic empty building not much to look at but i really needed to start UV Mapping as it was the end of the week.

Here are some Screen shots of my models 

 Here you can see my favorite model I made of a car lift which started as a single plane

Here you can see some of the environment that i modeled i found getting the scaling correct one of the hardest aspects of Modeling.

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